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I am a girly girl. I love shopping, makeup, and manicures. But I am also a Mom, so I spend most of my days in yoga pants, wondering the aisles of Target chasing after a toddler. Photographing weddings gives me a great excuse to give myself a smokey eye and put on some real clothes!

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photos by Laura Olivia Photography +
M2 Photography


I am married to my best friend and a mom to the most incredible little girl in the world! That sentence right there makes me pretty darn thankful to God for the blessings He has given me. Being a mom has given me a whole new appreciation for the simple pleasures in life... Love, laughter, snuggles... going to the bathroom by myself... ;)

I have been photographing weddings since 2011 and it has been a dream come true. The people I have captured over the last several years have touched my heart. I am so grateful.

My personality is easy going. I am a positive person and always strive to make the best out of any situation. I love to laugh and I am often catching myself smiling behind the camera AND while I am deep in editing mode. My husband says that I have the funniest editing face and he always knows what I am doing on my laptop by my smile.
Finding the balance between being a mom, wife, photographer, and an individual can be a struggle. But I do my best to keep it all in perspective. I enjoy a night out with my girlfriends but I also am a total homebody and love a night in with my family in our pajamas. I absolutely love to cook but I hate to bake. There is something about needing to follow the rules of a recipe in baking that I just can't do. That is about as rebellious as I get. :)
All in all, I am a simple gal who loves being a mom and feel so blessed to live out my passion of photographing awesome people!